Logitech vs Razer | Which Keyboard is Better?

One of the most well-known gaming and PC accessories manufacturers is Logitech, followed by Razer. For years, they have fought a losing battle over mice, keyboards, headsets, and other items. Without a doubt, keyboard production is an area where both Logitech and Razer excel. But only one kind of user experience is best suited for their keyboards. We will go over how to spot a high-quality build, the feel of the keys, common issues, typing speed, and more.

You might wonder why gamers constantly compare these two businesses to one another. What binds them together despite the stark differences between them? Finally, which one is superior to the other?

Let’s compare Logitech and Razer in the hopes of helping you find some solutions to your queries.

Why are Logitech Vs Razer frequently compared?

 Despite having very different histories, both of these brands uphold the values of creativity and quality. Their product lines are comparable, as are their prices. Both businesses refrain from offering cheap or subpar goods for sale. They earn the moniker “top peripheral manufacturers” for all these factors. These are the explanations given by consumers for combining these two brands.

On account of their quality and features, they initially appear to be quite similar. However, you must compare each product to see how drastically different Logitech and Razer are from one another.

Logitech Vs Razer: Which Keyboard Has Better Build Quality?

The plastic cases and backplates of the keyboard can be used to identify low-cost materials. Steel or metal will be used in the highest-quality keyboards. Plastic will affect the typing feel and make it hollow, but it does not necessarily imply that the keyboard is built cheaply. Additionally, the keyboard will be portable. Additionally, confirming that the company manufactures its keyboards and keyboard components on-site is a good idea. Quality problems can arise for businesses that even partially contract out their manufacturing.

You can determine how long your keyboard will last if it is used frequently by looking at the number of clicks it can support. The average keyboard has between 5 and 10 million keys, but the best keyboards can have up to 50 million keys.

The Build Quality of the Logitech Keyboard

Only premium, durable materials are used by Logitech to make its keyboards. Materials might be recycled, depending on the specific model of the keyboard. The quality of Logitech keyboards is also reflected in their price, so if you purchase one of their more expensive models, you will not be disappointed.

China is where Logitech’s primary manufacturing facility is located. Nearly half of the accessories bearing the Logitech brand are manufactured in Taiwan.

1. Provide better value for money.  1. Not good for gaming
2.  Have good build quality and are responsive.2. They are not aesthetically diverse.
3. Good for general use.3. Poor customization

Pros of the Logitech Keyboard

Most reasonable For Office

Logitech is, quite simply, the only option for any conventional or understated corporate work environment. For decades, it has been unrivaled regarding office-friendly, productivity-enhancing peripherals.

The ideal wireless keyboard

In addition to using premium wireless technology known as Logitech Lightspeed and Razer Hyperspeed, Logitech and Razer both use Bluetooth mode. Even though both keyboards have strong connections to mice, headsets, and keyboards and have extremely low latency, Logitech has more high-end wireless gaming options because more keyboards and mice use their Lightspeed technology.

 Thanks to a feature developed by Logitech, up to six peripherals can be connected to a single USB receiver. A Razer cannot achieve this level of output and performance.

Superior software

 The same can be said of Logitech’s software; the company has had plenty of time to perfect its peripherals. Various software options are available depending on the peripheral. A single USB Logitech Unifying Receiver can be used to connect multiple mice and keyboards. The software for Logitech gaming peripherals is called Logitech Gaming Software, now called G-Hub.

Cons of Logitech Keyboards

Unfit for Gaming

Despite having twice as much experience as Razer in the keyboard and mouse industry, Logitech has only produced gaming mice since 1999. The ergonomic gaming mice from Logitech and Razer, which both entered the market in 2004 and 2005, is the best available. In every weight class, the two have been competitive. The Logitech, however, is unsuitable for gaming.

The Build Quality of the Razer Keyboard

Although many Razer keyboards use plastic and high-quality materials like aluminum, most of them do. The main issue with keyboards bearing the Razer name is their plastic construction. The keyboards sold under the Razer brand are produced in factories in China and Taiwan. The iOne company from Taiwan is the manufacturer of the well-known mechanical keyboard, Black Window.

1. A wide variety of options for gamers to choose from.1. Very expensive.
2. Effective customization.2. Poor design
3. Reliable button mapping software. 

Pros of Razer Keyboard

Tactile Sensation

Examining their feelings is one of the things to do. A Razer keyboard offers the best tactile experience because it is comfortable to use. They give a sufficient amount, allowing for a more enjoyable feel, though it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Razer keyboards operate more quickly and gently than Logitech keyboards, which require more force to press the keys down. It is useful when playing video games because a split second can make the difference between winning and losing.


The number of keystrokes a keyboard can withstand determines its level of durability. With the capacity to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes, the Razer keyboard offers greater toughness.

Cons of Razer Keyboards


When compared to Logitech keyboards, Razer keyboards are significantly more expensive. For tasks like standard typing, Razer keyboards are too expensive.


Synthetic keyboards are favored because they operate more quietly. After all, the sound of a keyboard can be distracting. There are various key types, and depending on the manufacturer, the noise levels vary.

Issues Reported

It is common for even the best keyboards to experience problems. Determining whether the malfunction is a one-off or whether the entire series of that particular model has a persistent problem is crucial.

Logitech Reported Issues

The battery, the keyboard’s responsiveness, and jammed keys are a few common issues with Logitech keyboards. In these situations, Logitech customer service is very helpful and typically offers you a defective item.

Razer Reported Issues

Razer keyboards typically last a long time and provide a satisfying typing experience. On the other hand, some keyboard-related problems have been mentioned. Some models’ plastic housing accentuates scratches, and keys can occasionally be stuck or fail to register altogether.

They frequently receive criticism for their keyboards’ high price. In particular, regarding petty issues with customers’ keyboards, Razer customer service hasn’t always been responsive.


Which Keyboard Is Better, Logitech or Razer?

Although the Logitech keyboard is more adaptable, the Razer keyboard is better for gaming. The Razer provides a very responsive gaming experience thanks to its low latency and linear optical switches’ short pre-travel. Although the Logitech has slightly better ergonomics, the Razer feels more substantial.

Which is more affordable, Razer or Logitech?

In comparison to Logitech keyboards, Razer keyboards are more expensive. Therefore, Logitech is less expensive.

Is Razer a good brand for keyboards?

Although Razer provides a sizable selection of top-notch gaming keyboards with the good build quality, they can be quite expensive.


 Logitech and Razer have established enduring legacies thanks to the best gaming accessories available. Even though each has unique advantages and disadvantages, it is simple to understand why the products from the Logitech and Razer brands have grown so popular and widely accessible worldwide.

Whether you choose Logitech for its cutting-edge and useful designs or Razer for its gaming aesthetic and cutting-edge innovation, you can’t go wrong with anything from either of these two companies. Both these companies produce high-quality products. Every new model released has a significant improvement over the previous one. As we already mentioned, it is difficult to say which brand is better or worse because it depends on your needs. They both continue to work to make their products better.

Nevertheless, we can offer some guidance. If you frequently switch between working and playing video games, Logitech peripherals might be your best choice. However, Razer is a great choice if you’re a serious gamer.

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