Where Is The Command Key On A Dell Keyboard?

Searching for the Command or Cmd key is one of the biggest issues users have when they switch from a Mac to a new keyboard. It is one of the most convenient and quick ways for Apple users to modify the behavior of their computers.

However, since regular keyboards lack a Command key, how will you find it if you’ve decided to use a Dell keyboard? So, if you’re using a Mac, where is the command key on the Dell keyboard? What is the key’s equivalent on any other keyboards? Today, we will clarify every aspect of this confusion!

What does “Command Key” mean?

Before addressing the question of where the command key is located on a Dell keyboard, we should briefly discuss the command key. An explanation of a command key. What purpose does the “Command key” serve?

The Command key, also known as the Beanie key, Cloverleaf key, fan key, cmd key, open Apple key, or Command, is a key designed by Susan Kare and present on every Apple keyboard. Apple keyboards were the target audience for the Command key. This modifier key is located next to the space bar on your Apple keyboard, between the option and control keys. The only action that can be performed with the key is pressing. Its common names include Apple key and Clover key.

The Meta key, Pretzel key, Open-Apple key, Beanie key, etc., are other names. We now know what each key on the Apple keyboard does. What does the command key do on a keyboard that Apple doesn’t make? Does it function in the same way? In this article, we’ll talk about this.

What does the Command key’s symbol mean?

A Scandinavian road sign that marked landmarks served as the model for the clover-shaped symbol. A square castle with four towers is shown from above in the origin symbol. It serves as a modifier key that enables the user to enter keyboard commands into the system.

According to the most widely held theory, the sign must represent a castle or fortress. The Unicode code for the looped square that serves as the Command key is U+2318.

How is the Command Key used?

Apple computers use the Command key to enter commands into a system or program. On a Mac, the Command or Cmd key only functions with a single letter. It will copy if you press the Command-C key. It will print when you press the Command-P key and paste when you press the Command-V key. This kind of Command is one of many in Mac. When pressed in conjunction with other keys, it has several functions. Although it performs a similar function to Ctrl on a PC keyboard, it has different features, making the two incompatible.

Function Keys on a Dell Keyboard

The following are the function keys on a Dell keyboard:

Function KeysFunctions
1.F4Press <Fn><F4> It decreases the brightness of the display.
2.F5Press <Fn><F5> It increases the brightness of the display.
3.F6Press <Fn><F6> The keyboard backlight can be activated and deactivated using this.

What is the location of the Command key on the Dell keyboard?

On some small keyboards, like those found on laptops, the Command key is located to the left of the space bar, whereas in the standard layout, the keys are located to the left and right of the space bar. However, this is not the case with Dell keyboards. In Windows 10, you must launch the Command Prompt to use Dell keyboards. To right-click or press Windows key + X, move the mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose Command Prompt from the power user task menu.

Placement of Command Keys

Mac and the Command Key on a PC Keyboard

The Cmd key is referred to as the Microsoft Windows Key on keyboards. You must consider the Windows key your new Cmd key if you use a Mac and a Windows keyboard together. The Windows key must be considered your new control key if you use a Mac and a Windows keyboard together. Whether a wireless or wired Dell keyboard is connected to your Mac, the Windows or Start key will function as the Command key.

Therefore, the answer is similar if you search for the location of the command key on a Logitech keyboard. In contrast, the command key will begin acting as the Windows key or Start Key if you use any Apple USB keyboard plugged into any operating system other than a Mac.

Where on a computer keyboard is the Command Key?

Is it possible to use a PC keyboard on a Mac? You might be unsure which key to press if you’re looking for the Command key on a Microsoft keyboard or any other non-Apple keyboard. The Ctrl key won’t work because it has other uses on a Mac, so which key is it?

Whether you are looking for the command key on a PC or the command key on a Dell keyboard, you will notice if you are using a Windows PC that the CTRL or Control key on your keyboard also serves as the command key. The Command key on a computer keyboard is either the Windows key or the Start key.

Simply pressing Ctrl and P will produce the desired results when you need to print something. Additionally, you must press C to copy something and V plus the Ctrl key to paste it. Therefore, the Ctrl key has the same functionality as the Command key on standard laptops and computers.

Ctrl vs. Cmd: What’s the difference?

You probably already know that the Cmd key doubles as the Ctrl key if you use a Mac. Pressing the keys Ctrl-S and Ctrl-P on a computer will save and print the document, respectively. The Cmd key operates similarly.

On a Mac, Ctrl is not the same as Ctrl on a PC. If you’re using a trackpad, it’ll activate the right-click. The same applies if you’re using a one-button mouse. If you choose Ctrl-Click, it performs the same function as a right-click.

On a Mac, pressing Ctrl-H will remove the character moving to the left. As soon as you press Ctrl-D, the character to the right will begin to disappear.


1. What is the function of the F1 to F2 keys on Dell?

The F1 to F2 keys at the top of the keyboard has two uses.The icon at the bottom of the key denotes that these keys are used for controlling multi-media. Invoke the task indicated by the icon by pressing the function key. For instance, the audio is muted when F1 is pressed. Multi-media functionality can be turned off by pressing fn+Esc, but it can also be enabled if the function keys F1 to F2 are required for particular software applications.

2. How can I get function keys to function without using Fn Dell?

No dedicated Fn Lock key turns off the F1 and F2 function keys on most Dell laptops. You can enable or disable the function lock, which is located on the top row next to the F1 to F2 keys, and the function key, which is located on the bottom row next to the Windows button, by pressing the Escape key.

3. Is a Chromebook or a Dell better?

If either of these two options is available to you, go with a Dell Windows laptop.The higher your budget is, the less sense a Chromebook generally makes than a traditional laptop. A Chromebook is usually better if you can complete most of your work in a web browser, especially if you have a tight budget.

4. How do I get into the BIOS on a Windows 10 Dell laptop?

Boot up the computer while booting to UEFI (BIOS) from Windows 10.Once you see the Dell logo, press the F2 key to access System Setup. Press F2 when the keyboard LEDs first flash if you have trouble using this method to enter Setup.

5. What is the Ctrl key on an iPad?

The iPad’s onscreen keyboard does not have a control key, so the answer is no.If the Banks website requires the use of the control key, there may be a control key on external keyboards, but as things stand, there is simply no way to do that on a standard iPad.


Now you can quickly determine the location of the command key on a Dell keyboard and other keyboards on the market. It doesn’t matter if you use a Mac or a Windows PC with a non-Apple keyboard. With the help of the Cmd key’s replacement, you can easily complete your tasks. All you need to do to make the resulting work is a little bit of memorization of the shortcuts.

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