Best Keyboard Switches For Gaming? | Top 5 Switches

Most people do not think about the switch their keyboard uses, but it is an important factor in how well you play a game on your computer. The most common type of switch is a Cherry MX switch. There are several different types of Cherry MX switches, so it is important to know which one you are using.

In this article, we are going to give you the answer to “what keyboard switch is best for gaming” and will list the top 5 keyboard switches present in today’s market.

What Keyboard Switch Is Best For Gaming?

Below are the top 5 switches you can use to increase your victories in games:

1- Razer Huntsman Elite – Red Optical Switch

The Razer Huntsman Elite – Red Optical Switch is a new kind of switch that is not yet widely known. One of the most popular types of switches, Cherry MX, has a bump in its design that is supposed to signify an activated keypress. Razer wanted to create a more reliable switch with less wear and tear so they removed the mechanical aspect from the switch.

Razer Huntsman Elite – Red Optical Switch switches are similar to Cherry MX brown switches, except they have no bump when actuated and also do not require a full press to activate. This makes it much easier to double-tap the switch than with the standard Cherry MX design. This means you can navigate your game menus or give chat commands in Overwatch much more efficiently.

The Razer Huntsman Elite – Red Optical Switch keyboard is also made with an aluminum chassis, making it more durable than standard keyboards on the market. Each keycap has its own backlighting to make sure your game is accurately represented on screen.

This model features USB 2.0 pass-through and Unifying Receiver compatibility for easy connectivity to all of your devices. Whether you are a PC or console gamer, the Razer Huntsman Elite – Red Optical Switch will give you an edge over your competition.

2- Cherry MX Black Red – Linear Switch


The Cherry MX Black is a simple mechanical keyboard switch that delivers fast response and a smooth, linear keypress. It is regarded as the best “gaming” switch because of its responsiveness and “no-click” feature (for those that don’t like to hear or feel their keyboard when typing).


Cherry MX Red is basically the same as Cherry MX Black, but there is no “click” when you press it down. It acts just like a black switch, but with half the travel distance to activate the keypress. It is a very light switch, requiring only 45g of force to actuate.

The combination of lightweight and linear activation means that the keypresses are almost effortless. Because it offers no tactile or auditory feedback when activated, many people report a better typing experience with this switch.

3- Gateron Black | Yellow | Red

They are ranked number 3, but if you are a gamer, you should get these immediately as the Gateron switches are one of the reasons for my victories in games.

The Gateron switches are not built generally to improve the gaming experience. However, they work amazingly and these are the best choice if you want to have more victories. They have a mix of Yellow, Black, and Red colors which make them look amazing. You can easily get them from the market nowadays.

One of the best reasons for the popularity of these switches is their affordability, smoothness, and efficiency. If you are thinking that these are only good for gaming, then you have a misconception. They work perfectly for typing purposes as well.

If you are sensitive about the weight of the switches and want a lighter one for your keyboard, then you should definitely pick the Red switch. It is better than the other switches. However, the weight of the switches doesn’t matter to some people and it does not make much difference.

The robust thing about the Gateron switches is that they work as smoothly as a switch can be. There is not much friction inside the keyboard which is due to the smaller stem installed in the switches.

Overall, all the things about the Gateron Black/Red/Yellow switches make it a very good option to choose when it comes to gaming and typing. There is no loud noise of the friction as well.

4- Kailh Cream Speed Gold/Silver

After the Gateron switches, here comes the most popular gaming switch after the cherry mx in the market, The Kailh Speed switches. When you see these switches visually, they look exactly like the Cherry MX switches. However, these are less expensive than the Cherry switches, which makes them better visually and in affordability.

If they are similar to Cherry Mx switches, how come they are not sold for the same price? The answer is that the Kailh switches do not offer great performance and durability like the Cherry switches. The Kailh switches made around 55-60 million keystrokes. While the Cherry MX made around 100 million keystrokes.

Cherry switches are thoroughly tested to check their durability and performance. If they do not meet the specified requirements, then they are sent back or new ones are made.

Some of the Kailh switches are not linear. If you are looking for a non-linear switch, you can choose the Copper or Gold version.

In the end, if your budget is low, and you want the best keyboard switch that matches the characteristics of the Cherry switches, then you should definitely pick the Kailh Speed switches. If you have a high budget, then you should go for the Cherry switches.

5- Cherry MX Speed Silver

To end the products, we are listing Cherry MX Silver in the final position. This is because the Cherry MX Speed Silver is the best switch compared to all other switches in the market. This switch is generally produced for gaming, and it works very well while gaming.

As you know the friction inside the keyboard can cause the keys to not get pressed smoothly, but here with this switch, you won’t face any problem like that because it has smooth materials.

The only disadvantage of the Cherry Silver is that it is a little bit more expensive than the other switches and it cannot be found so easily in the market like the Kailh, or Razer switches.

Some people say that getting a good switch doesn’t increase the reaction time. But, according to me and gamers, milliseconds are a very important part of a game and can get you victories, so it is up to you whether you want more reaction time or not.

The actuation distance of the Cherry MX Speed Silver is not too much and if you sit away from the keyboard, it can be uncomfortable for some people. Overall, this is the best keyboard switch for gaming you can get if you have a high budget and can wait for it to be available in the market.

If you have a keyboard and you are looking to clean your Corsair K70 keyboard, then be sure to read the full guide.

Does Actuation Force & Distance Matter For Gaming?

Another question after ” What Keyboard Switch Is Best For Gaming?” is that does the actuation distance really matter?

In the gaming industry, a lot of gamers would prefer to handle their equipment closer to the body. This would mean that the switch needs to travel less distance from the body, thus reducing the time taken for the actuation. This is especially important for those who are playing with a mouse and keyboard.

The actuation distance is the distance between the switch and the mouse/keyboard. The actuation distance also depends on the type of switch you use for your keyboard/mouse.

There are a lot of different keyboards/mice out there, and so there’s more than one type of actuation distance. The basic actuation distance is the distance between the switch and the mouse/keyboard.

Do Pro Gamers Use Red Switches?

Red switches are a hot topic in e-sports. After a game, players usually use their controller’s thumbstick buttons to manipulate the camera. However, there’s a lot more to the game than just controlling the camera. Some games require you to use your thumb to manipulate the game interface itself.

So, do professional gamers use red switches? Yes and no. The short answer is yes. While some professional gamers do use red switches, many players don’t.

Are Standard Keyboards Good For Gaming?

As we have already mentioned, there are three types of keyboards that are available in the market. These are standard keyboards, mechanical keyboards, and game controllers. Standard keyboards are good for gaming, while mechanical ones are good for professional gamers, such as pro-gamers.

Game controllers are designed to be used with consoles, laptops, or smartphones. The main reason why people prefer mechanical keyboards over standard ones is that they are designed with their own key switches. With this, the keyboard can improve its gameplay and become more responsive than conventional keyboards.


What is the fastest keyboard switch for gaming?

The faster the keyboard switch, the more responsive the keyboard will be. The fastest keyboard switch available on the market is the Cherry MX Red Switch. It offers up to 50% faster response time than regular keyboards, making it perfect for gaming applications.

What is the best keyboard switch for gaming?

Many keyboard switches are available on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for gaming. Each switch has its unique characteristics that can affect your gameplay.

Some of the more common switches used in gaming keyboards are rubber dome, Cherry MX, and Gateron. Depending on your preferences, one of these may be the best switch.

Do I need to replace my entire keyboard if I want to upgrade my switches?

If you are looking to upgrade your switches, it is essential to remember that not all keyboards are compatible. Many keyboards designed to use Cherry MX switches also come with a warranty that covers the switches.

If you are not sure if your keyboard is compatible or want to be on the safe side and replace the entire keyboard, be sure to check with the manufacturer before making any purchases.


We hope that you found the differences between the 5 switches we listed in this article. And we also suggest you got the answer to “what keyboard switch is best for gaming“. If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section without any hesitation.

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