Razer Huntsman Elite Vs Razer Blackwidow Elite | Detailed Comparison

Regarding gaming keyboards, there are many options on the market. With so many choices, it’s easy to get confused and buy a gaming keyboard without knowing why. You should explore more if you like to play video games and have never heard of the Cult of Razer. In the gaming industry, Razer is one of the most well-known brands. They create Blade gaming laptops and high-end performance accessories. The products from Razer are known to be excellent.

The BlackWindow Elite and the Razer Huntsman Elite are very similar in design, comfort, and extra features. The main distinction is the availability of Razer Linear Optical switches for the Huntsman Elite as opposed to Razer Tactile Orange, Clicky Green, and Linear Yellow switches for the BlackWindow Elite.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite comes to mind when considering the best mechanical gaming keyboard. With Razer’s new “Laser” Huntsman Elite now available, we’re putting both Huntsman Elites to the test to see which one is the Best of the Elites. This article compares the Razer Huntsman Elite and Razer Blackwidow Elite. The goal is to examine whether or not the differences between these two gaming keyboards are significant.

Razer Huntsman Elite Vs Razer Blackwidow Elite: A Quick Comparison

PerformanceRazer Huntsman EliteRazer Blackwidow Elite
Keyboard TypeFull-Size Opto-Mechanical KeyboardFull-Size Mechanical Keyboard
Switch TypeLinear Optical Switch Red and Clicky Optical Switch PurpleClicky Razer Green, Orange, and Yellow Mechanical Switches
ExperienceVery Fast and Snappy linear clicksVery Tactile and Clicky
Keystroke Lifespan100M keystrokes80M keystrokes
Chroma SupportPresentPresent
Wrist RestAn Ergonomic Wrist RestAn Ergonomic Wrist Rest
BacklightingRGB backlighting is present.Yes, RGB backlighting is present.
Keycap MaterialABSABS
Customization SoftwareRazer Synapse 3Razer Synapse 3
Keyboard Dimensions (length*width*height)5.5 inches *17.5 inches * 1.4 inches6.5 inches * 17.65 inches*1.67 inches

Razer Huntsman Elite: Key Features

Let’s start by talking about Razer’s Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard. Razer’s new optomechanical gaming switch is featured on this recently released keyboard. The Huntsman Elite is a cut above its rivals because the new switch is its primary focus. There are two types of switches: clicky optical switches and linear optical switches. These switches work by using light rather than a mechanical mechanism. By far, the fastest switches on the market are these. High-quality aluminum was used in the construction of the Huntsman Elite. With an aluminum top frame for greater rigidity. In addition to that, an ergonomic wrist rest is also included with the Huntsman.

The Huntsman Elite has high-quality laser etched keycaps and fully programmatic, individually lit LED RGB lighting on all of its keys. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on each key, with an expectation of 100 million click durability. Under glow lighting, it has RGB LEDs. With Razer Chroma effects, this lighting significantly elevates the aesthetic of your gaming setup.

The Strength of the Huntsman Elite Keyboard


An excellent gaming keyboard is the Razer Huntsman Elite. Due to their low actuation point and the minimal force needed to actuate them, linear optical switches are remarkably responsive. It has dedicated media controls, including a programmable volume dial, full RGB lighting, and the ability to reassign or assign a macro to any key.

Office Use

The Razer Huntsman Elite laptop is a solid option for business use. All-day typing is comfortable thanks to the adjustable incline and plush wrist rest. Long days of typing are comfortable on it. Despite offering a light typing experience, linear optical switches’ low actuation point may lead to more typos than usual. The purple switches are much lower, but typing noise is not an issue with the red switches.


For coding or programming, the Razer Huntsman is a fantastic keyboard. It features macro-programmable keys, full RGB backlighting, and comfortable typing keys for those who prefer to work in the dark. Red switches offer a passable typing experience, but some people may find them too overly sensitive, which can cause more mistakes. In this case, you may get the keyboard with Clicky switches.

The Flaws of the Huntsman Elite Keyboard

Mobile Devices

Mobile device use is not recommended with the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard. It is because the keyboard only works with wires. There is only one switch type, and multiple devices cannot be used with it.

Home theater PCs cannot be used with the Razer Huntsman. Because it is wired only, you might need to run a cable across the room. It also doesn’t have a trackpad, so using a separate mouse for navigation is required.

Pros and Cons

The Razer Huntsman EliteProsCons
 Quick, tiny switches with a light touch.Expensive
 Specific media keys and a volume dial.Only one switch type
 Profiles and settings are kept in onboard memory.No dedicated macro keys.
 Per-keys RGB backlighting and underglow.Slippery keys
 The wrist rests with magnetic leatherette.No software support for Linux and macOS

Razer BlackWidow Elite: Key Features

The Huntsman Elite keyboard and the Razer Blackwidow look remarkably similar. Except for a few key features, they are identical keyboards. The switches are the main distinction between the Razer Huntsman Elite and Blackwidow Elite. The Huntsman employs modern optomechanical switches, while the Blackwidow Elite uses more conventional mechanical switches. Nevertheless, Razer is the sole manufacturer of these switches. Clicky and tactile switches are the green ones. They have a strong Cherry MX Blue Switches resemblance. Although not particularly loud, the greens are very clicky.

Additionally, they have a noticeable bump and are very tactile. Another significant distinction is the absence of LED underglow lighting on the Blackwidow Elite and Huntsman Elite. With Blackwidow, you lose the extra lighting element. You forfeit the additional lighting element when using the Blackwidow. 80 million clicks can be made on mechanical switches.

The Strength of the Razer BlackWidow Elite


The Razer BlackWidow Elite is an excellent gaming keyboard because of its short pre-travel distance and low operating force. It is also well constructed, and gamers will value its customization options, whether they’re used to controlling the full RGB lighting or recording macros. You can select the switch type that best suits your preferred gaming style from the three offered.


The Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard is great for use at work. It includes a removable wrist rest and two incline settings. Razer Orange switches have excellent typing feedback and are quiet enough for any open-office setting. The Razer Green switches’ distinctive clicking sound might be louder.


Programmers should consider the Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard. The typing quality is excellent, and you can choose between three different types of switches. The board feels durable, which is great, and it is comfortable to type on for extended periods. Programmers should value the ability to macro-program any key on this extremely adaptable keyboard that works with multiple operating systems.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite’s drawbacks


The BlackWidow Elite is unsuitable for use in a home theater PC setup. Because it is a big, wired-only keyboard without a trackpad, you must also use a separate mouse and run a cable from your couch to the computer. Positive features include easy access to the media controls and backlighting for those who prefer to watch TV in the dark.

Pros and Cons

The Razer BlackWidow EliteProsCons
 Very well-built and sturdyCustomization software is only available on Windows.
 Full RGB backlighting.Wired only
 Excellent typing quality.No trackpad
 All keys are macro. 
 Available in three different types of switches 
 Short pre-travel distance 


Is the Razer Huntsman Elite worth it?

Razer’s Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard is among the best. With its dedicated media controls, which include a programmable volume dial, the full RGB backlighting makes it easy to reassign or assign a macro to any key. The low actuation point of the linear optical switches makes them feel incredibly responsive.

How long does a Razer BlackWidow last?

Ans. 80Mkeystrokes.

Is Razer BlackWidow still good?

The Razer BlackWidow is suitable for use at work. The switches are too loud to be used in an office environment, but they have good typing quality and tactile feedback. It doesn’t offer much ergonomics, so if you type on it for a long time, you might get tired.

Which is better, Razer Huntsman Elite or the Razer BlackWidow Elite?

We would choose the Razer Huntsman Elite if we had to choose just one.For the money, you get a more technologically advanced switch, a more dependable keyboard, and a keyboard that looks better with lighting. Opto-mechanical switches could become commonplace on the market within the next few years, which would not be unexpected.

Can you put Cherry MX keycaps on the Razer keyboard?

The Cherry MX keycaps work with Razer keyboards, so the answer is yes.


The Razer Huntsman Elite and Razer BlackWidow Elite are very similar in construction, comfort, and added features. Even if you are a professional player competing in a tournament, you can rely on both keyboards because they are the pinnacle of gaming. Gamers should consider Razer. Without a doubt, their keyboards and mice are top-notch. For fans of Linear keyboards, they are a fantastic option.

On the other hand, fans of clicky keyboards will love BlackWidow Elite. None of them can ultimately fail. They both have many customization options and features that appeal to gamers and non-gamers.

It was a pleasure to have you read it, and I sincerely hope that it was of great assistance to you. Describe which keyboard you prefer and why in the comments below.

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