Nuphy Air 75 vs Keychron K3 | What’s the Difference?

If you’re searching for a superb keyboard, the Keychron K3 and the nuphy Air 75 are great options, although they differ in a few ways. For optimal convenience, seamlessly transition between 2.4G and cable connections and Bluetooth 5.0. Please don’t pass up this cutting-edge low-profile wireless keyboard that fits well in your setup because it is also compatible with both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

While Keychron, the ultra-slim, 84-key wireless/wired mechanical keyboard from the K3 Version 2, will upgrade your workstation! Its low-profile Gateron blue switches provide a delightful feeling, and its white LED backlight will offer you an extra energy boost for extended periods in front of the screen. It is gradually gaining popularity among ardent typists because it is compatible with Mac and Windows.

Nuphy Air 75 and Keychron K3: Quick Comparison

A wireless mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches is the nuphy Air 75, while the Keychron K3 has Gateron low-profile switches. The Keychron K3 sports an aluminum body and RGB illumination, in contrast to the nuphy Air 75’s ABS plastic construction and monochromatic backlighting. Both keyboards support Mac and have N-key rollover. The Keychron K3 is just 0.8kg less than the nuphy Air 75, which weighs 1kg, making it marginally more portable. The Keychron K3 additionally features a Hostway switch design for simple customization, a full-size layout with access to media keys, and a media key layout.

Last but not least, the Keychron K3 may be used wirelessly or with a connection and contains a 4000mAh battery for longer battery life. When it comes down to it, the Keychron K3 and the nuphy Air 75 provide a similar gaming experience, albeit at different pricing points and with slight visual changes. Choosing between these two keyboards depends on what characteristics you value the most.

Nuphy Air 75 Mechanical Keyboard

The NuPhy Air75 is the currently available thinnest mechanical keyboard. The thinnest part of Air75 is only 16 mm due to the ultra-thin aluminum frame and sophisticated aluminum alloy stamping process. According to lab data, it has a 2500 mAh battery that can last up to 48 hours, easily covering a week’s worth of work. For Mac users, we offer shortcut keys and button layouts for multimedia functions like Siri/Cortana, full-screen screenshots, and partial screenshots.

Battery Life

A 48-hour battery life means you’ll never have to worry about charging. This dependable power bank has been tested in the lab and is prepared for whatever your day brings. It offers up to 3–4 years of usage and a 2500mAh capacity for continuous use. Reduce the brightness of the lights while the system is in daylight mode to enhance its already excellent run time.


Prepare to have complete gaming control, even in the dark. Its four side light options and numerous backlight settings allow for the most personalization. The right LED displays battery life or the system mode you selected, while the left emphasizes cap lock status and connection mode. You can choose to use static illuminated keys if you wish or dynamic lighting effects using Windows software. Remember that there is no keycap backlighting, so get ready for an unmatched immersive gaming experience.

Multiple Devices

Staying connected is simple with Air75. Use their 2.4G wireless mode, Bluetooth 5.0 mode, or USB C wired mode to switch between up to four devices with a single click – ideal for use at home, at the office, or while playing games while you’re out and about.

Modern Multimedia Buttons

Both Mac and Windows users can benefit from the robust capabilities of Air75. You can quickly save whatever that’s on your screen by pressing the scissors icon – ideal for quickly and conveniently capturing special moments. Air75 goes above and above by supporting Siri and Cortana, making all your commands always only a button away.

Ergonomic Design

Your comfort while working is guaranteed by the ergonomic design of Air75. While the unique palm rest adds a layer of comfort for typing and gaming, the curved contours fit your hand wonderfully.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Comfort through ergonomic design
  • Shortcut keys that are easy to access
  • Assists Cortana and Siri
  • Absence of backlighting
  • Uses just AAA batteries, necessitating the purchase of extra batteries.

Keychron K3 Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron K3 is a small, Bluetooth mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout and 84 keys. Compared to standard switches, the redesigned low-profile switch is 40% slimmer. All of the necessary multimedia and function keys are accessible to users, but it has a more compact design. It connects with up to 3 devices.

With a 40% slimmer profile than traditional switches and a shorter pre-travel and total travel distance, the redesigned low-profile Gateron mechanical switch triggers input and feedback more quickly than traditional/normal-profile mechanical switches while also giving the Blue switch a satisfying click.

Long-lasting battery life

The K3 has the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enabling you to maintain a strong connection for up to 72 hours of continuous use on a single charge. It also has a USB-C rechargeable port, allowing you to keep it charged and prepared for usage.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

The K3 is the ideal marriage of beauty and utility due to its utterly unique Mac layout and support for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is expertly made, includes extra keycaps for each OS, and has the necessary multimedia keys. Up to 3 devices can be connected to the K3’s Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset for unmatched on-the-go mobility.  Without missing a beat, you can quickly switch between a laptop, tablet, and phone while working on various projects.

Ultra Slim

The Keychron K3 wireless mechanical keyboard’s ultra-slim 75% layout is designed for fast, accurate typing, giving you a feeling of peak productivity. Its small size makes it convenient for any office, and its pleasant tactile feel makes it the ideal travel companion.


You can type more comfortably on the K3 wireless mechanical keyboard with a thinner, lighter feel. Customize your writing style with its lovely white lighting and contemporary keycap legends.  It is specially made with a durable plastic bottom frame and reinforced aluminum body. The low-profile mechanical switch from Gateron offers a faster, more efficient typing experience. Its 40% thinner design than conventional switches and the incredibly small pre-travel gap between input and response makes it easier to type.

  • Long-lasting aluminum body with a plastic bottom frame
  • A Gateron low-profile mechanical switch enables quicker and more efficient typing.
  • Design that is 40% thinner than standard switches
  • White illumination with contemporary keycap legends to allow for personalization
  • Comfortable use due to the design’s ergonomics
  • Expensive when compared to comparable keyboards in its category
  • For certain people, the keys may feel overly shallow or light.
  • A small selection of colors and styles are the only ones offered.

Which is preferred?

Your preferences and needs will ultimately determine whether you choose the Keychron K3 or the Nuphy Air 75. The Keychron K3 allows quick, engaging typing thanks to its aluminum body and Gateron low-profile mechanical switches. The keycap legends are customized, and white illumination is also included. When compared to other keyboards in its class, it is, however, fairly expensive. Some individuals might find the keys to be too shallow or light. Furthermore, there are only a few colors and designs to choose from.

The nuphy Air 75, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced and provides full-size keycaps for a comfortable typing experience in addition to various color options. The RGB lighting effects are adjusted to meet various moods and styles and have Bluetooth connectivity. The lack of mechanical switches and the fact that the keycaps are less resilient than those on more expensive keyboards may deter some users.

Whatever keyboard you decide on, remember that selecting the best is a question of taste. Whether it’s a price-conscious option or one with many features, pick what suits you and your needs the best. Above all, enjoy discovering the world of keyboards.


Is the NuPhy Air 75 pricey enough?

The NuPhy Air 75 is a great option for the design-conscious typist looking for a low-profile mechanical keyboard because it has comfortable, high-quality keycaps and thoughtful features. The performance of a full-sized keyboard is condensed into the footprint of a tenkeyless model with the Akko 3098’s cozy 96% layout.

What is the lifespan of a Keychron?

The 4000mAh battery in the Keychron K6 has a 70-hour battery life rating. Pressing any key will instantly wake it up. The keyboard’s battery can be fully charged using USB Type-C in 3 hours.

How loud are NuPhy keyboards?

Depending on the switches, it has a short actuation distance and makes a quiet sound. The review unit’s brown switches don’t need much pressure and generally make a pleasant noise.

Is the Keychron K3 a good value?

In terms of gaming keyboards, the Keychron K3 Version 2 is excellent. Its backlit keys make it simple to see the keyboard in dimly lit areas.


The Keychron K3 and the NuPhy Air75 are low-profile, portable mechanical keyboards with specific applications in mind. Given its lower latency and ability to Macro-program every key, the Nuphy is better for gaming than the Keychron for use in the office. It is suitable for gaming because it has much lower latency than these Keychron models. It is one of the few low-profile gaming keyboards on the market that is compact and hot-swappable, making it a standout product.

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