Logitech MX Keys VS Apple Magic Keyboard – Which One Is Superior?

The Logitech MX Keys and the Apple Magic Keyboard are two of the top thin and portable keyboards that can increase your workplace productivity. What is superior between the Apple Magic Keyboard, which is smaller and more portable without a Numpad, and the Logitech MX Keys, a full-size compact keyboard with a Numpad?

Suppose you are unsure of what type of keyboard to purchase but are looking for a top-notch keyboard to aid in finishing your office or business work. In that case, the Logitech MX Keys are among your best options. However, the Apple Magic Keyboard is a fantastic option if you don’t require a Numpad and prefer a small office keyboard.

 Which would prevail in a fight between the Apple Magic Keyboard and one of its most popular competitors, the Logitech MX Keys? A minor altercation, as opposed to a fight, would occur. Maybe even a contentious debate between nerds with strong opinions.

Apple Magic Keyboard or Logitech MX Keys: Which Has a Better Build Quality?

Because this keyboard has a Numpad, which functions similarly to a full-size keyboard, the Logitech MX keys are thin and rather long in design. The low profile describes this keyboard. Despite having a 60% layout, the Apple Magic Keyboard is smaller without a Numpad. The Apple Magic Keyboard is a full-size keyboard with arrow keys and a Numpad.

The Build Quality of Logitech MX Keys

The Logitech MX Keys generally have good build quality because the body frame is made of metal, and the keys are solid high-quality plastic. However, there are some areas that, when pressed a little harder, will feel flexible and loose. Despite this, holding this keyboard feels like it costs a lot of money. Three devices can be paired with it wirelessly via Bluetooth or a USB dongle, and you can easily switch between them without having to go through the pairing process again. Because of the scissor switches, short pre-travel distance, and low operating force of the keyboard, typing feels light and quick. Because typing makes such a low noise, nobody nearby should be bothered. Although it should work fine for routine desktop use, the latency is a bit high, making it less than ideal for playing quick, reaction-based games.

Pros of Apple Magic Keyboard

Great for Gaming

Despite the fact that its scissor switches’ short pre-travel distance and low operating force are primarily to blame, the Logitech MX Keys is a very good keyboard for gaming.

Unfortunately, it is not the best for reaction-based games due to its relatively high latency. There is a backlight so that you can play games at night.

Fantastic for the Office Use

A great keyboard for use in the office is the Logitech MX Keys.  With keys that are quiet and simple to press, it offers an excellent typing experience. Your desk will have fewer cables thanks to its wireless connectivity, and you can pair multiple devices at once thanks to its multi-device pairing support.

Helpful for Programming

The Logitech MX Keys keyboard is a good choice for programmers. It has a premium build quality and works with the majority of desktop operating systems. Unfortunately, there is no way to reprogram any of the keys using macros, which might be problematic for some programmers.

Cons of Logitech MX Keys

Lacks Trackpad

A home theater PC can use the Logitech MX Keys without issue. However, since it doesn’t have a trackpad, using the user interface requires using a separate mouse.

Minimal Customization Option

The lack of macro programmable keys makes it impossible to remap any of the keys using macros, which could present a challenge for some programmers. Moreover, there are no incline settings.

The Build Quality of Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard is composed of an aluminum body and frame. It is a wireless, low-profile keyboard designed for use in an office environment. Although it lacks extra features like backlighting and programmable keys, its scissor switches still make typing comfortable. This keyboard does not have any adjustable components. This keyboard is very simple to clean because it has a low profile and reasonable space between the keys.

 Its sleek, minimalist design is fantastic for those seeking a clean, wireless setup. However, it is only fully compatible with Apple products, as some keys are inoperable when used with Windows or Linux.

Pros of Apple Magic Keyboard

Lightweight and Minimalist design

Due to its small size and lightweight, the Apple Magic Keyboard is simple to transport. Although it has a slim profile, it feels extremely well made and doesn’t flex at all.

Great Typing Experience

For office use, the Apple Magic Keyboard works quite well.  It’s great for working in a setting where noise is a concern because it offers a good typing experience and generates very little noise. Despite having no incline settings, its low profile makes typing on it comfortable even for extended periods of time.

Cons of Apple Magic Keyboard

Imperfect for Gaming

Given that it is not intended for gaming, the Apple Magic Keyboard is a subpar keyboard. Its scissor switches require a fair amount of force to operate despite having a short pre-travel distance. Additionally, it lacks backlighting and software for setting macros and rebinding keys.

Doesn’t Support Multi-Developing Pairing

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a fantastic keyboard for use with mobile devices, but only with those running IOS or iPadOS. It is incompatible with tablets or smartphones running the Android operating system. Despite having limited compatibility with other operating systems, it is a good option for Apple computer users.

No Macro-Programmable Keys

For programming, the Apple Magic Keyboard is merely adequate.  Due to a lack of customization software, it lacks any programmable keys. When connected to Windows or Linux-powered devices, it has a limited range of functionality.

No Backlighting

A home theater PC cannot be used with the Apple Magic Keyboard. It is only compatible with Apple operating systems, despite the fact that you can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth to many different devices. Additionally, it lacks a trackpad, so using a mouse to navigate on-screen menus is required. Additionally, because it lacks backlighting, it may be difficult to use in dimly lit spaces.

Which is more responsive: Apple Magic Keyboard vs. Logitech MX Keys?

 The low profile, small, and thin form of the Logitech MX Keys make them quite good. All of the keyboard’s major keys are easy to reach, with the exception of the Numpad key, which is located on the far right. With this keyboard, there is no way to adjust the tilt angle.

Another good keyboard is the Apple Magic Keyboard. The keyboard is very responsive due to its low profile and the easily accessible key spacing. No tilting or adjusting mechanism is present on this keyboard. No palm rest is provided.

For prolonged use, both the Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech MX Keys are suitable. Both of these keyboards are quite comfortable to use for typing, despite the fact that they lack the ability to change the tilt angle.

What’s Inside the Box?

The following items will be contained in the box with your Logitec MX Keys and Apple Magic Keyboard purchase:

Logitech MX KeysApple Magic Keyboard
1. Logitech MX Keys1. Apple Magic Keyboard
2.USB-C cable2.Lighting to USB cable
3. Unifying USB receiver3.User Guide
4. Quick Smart manual 

What Concerns Price?

The Apple Magic Keyboard costs more than the Logitech MX Keys, which are more affordable. Compared to the Logitech MX Keys, which are priced at $79, the Apple Magic Keyboard is $99 in price.


Is the Logitech MX Keyboard superior to the Apple Magic Keyboard?

The Apple Magic Keyboard cannot match the adaptability of the Logitech MX Keys. While the Logitech supports simultaneous pairing with up to three devices, the Apple lacks both multi-device pairing and white backlighting. The majority of the Logitech’s keys are compatible with the majority of operating systems, whereas the Apple keyboard only fully supports Apple devices and is completely incompatible with Android. Therefore, the answer to this question is that the Logitech MX Keyboard beats the Apple Magic Keyboard in quality.

How durable are Logitech MX Keys?

MX Keys can operate continuously for up to 10 days on a full charge or for up to 5 months when the backlight is off. Depending on the user and the environment, battery life may change.

Is the Apple Magic Keyboard backlit?

The floating design, backlit keys, and integrated trackpad of the Magic keyboard make it even more useful.


In terms of the built-in features and software that can maximize the functionality of the keyboard, Logitech generally performs exceptionally well. Although Apple has an edge in terms of the quality of the keys and a fantastic typing experience.

If you require a keyboard with some respectable features, a dependable typing experience, compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, a backlight, and a Numpad. The best option for you is Logitech MX Keys in that case.

But if you think you only need a small keyboard with great build quality and a great typing experience, you can do without the Numpad and the blacklight. The Apple Magic Keyboard would be a great option in that case.

I sincerely appreciate your reading and trust you found it interesting. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below regarding which keyboard you liked best and why.

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