How to Use Two Keyboards Separately? – Expert Guide 2022

It is very common for gamers to need two keyboards simultaneously while gaming. This is typically done to have one hand on each keyboard, which gives the gamer a greater level of control over the game. However, some gamers may wonder how to use two keyboards separately.

The good news is that it is relatively straightforward for gamers to use two keyboards alongside each other. As long as the gamer has ports on their motherboard that can handle another keyboard, they should connect one of their keyboards and start using separate control over both hands.

This is usually done by controlling the W, A, S, and D keys, while the other hand controls the Q, E, R, and F keys. This makes it easier for gamers to control their left-handed character with one hand and right-handed with another.

Some gamers prefer not to have the two keyboards on the same surface as this can cause issues when using both hands at once. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to invest in a keyboard stand that will elevate one of the keyboards off the table. This can help keep both hands in the correct position and make it easier for gamers to play their games.

How to Use Two Keyboards Separately?

This article will tell you three different methods to use two keyboards on a computer. So, read the complete guide, and you will get the answer.

1- Use A Gaming Keypad Controller

One of the most popular gaming controllers among PC gamers is the so-called keyboard/mouse combination. This allows users to have a standard input for games being played on the computer, either at home, enabling you to use two keyboards on your computer. However, this kind of setup does not come cheap. Fortunately, other options are available if you want to get into PC gaming without spending a lot of money.

One such option is to purchase a gaming keypad controller. These devices are designed specifically for PC games and offer a more affordable way to get into PC gaming while using two keyboards separately.

2- Buy A Keyboard Splitter Cable

A keyboard splitter cable is a great tool to have in your tech arsenal, mainly if you use any external devices with your computer. This type of cable allows you to connect two keyboards to one computer. This can be useful if you have a shared workstation or if you want an extra keyboard for gaming or other activities.

I own a Microsoft Internet Keyboard, but I don’t particularly appreciate how far away it is from my laptop. Using a keyboard splitter cable is the solution to both of these problems! My MS internet keyboard plugs into one end of my cable, and the other splits into two connectors. One goes directly into my laptop USB slot, while the other connects to my old but trusty Microsoft Natural Keyboard.

This simple addition has made a world of difference for me; my laptop is now within easy reach, and I have an extra keyboard at my disposal if needed. If you’re looking for a way to make your computer setup more comfortable and efficient, a keyboard splitter cable is the answer!

3- Use A Logitech Unifying Receiver

If you want to use two keyboards or share one keyboard with another, then a Logitech Unifying Receiver is what you need. Connected onto the back of your computer, this single device automatically switches between the devices for seamless key-per-key navigations between the different softwares you are working on.

Note: This receiver works only with Logitech keyboards. If you have any keyboard with another brand, It won’t work.

This will surely make your productivity higher and allow you to use more than one keyboard at a time. To know more about this product and others in the market, you can search google to increase your knowledge.

4- Install MouseMux (A Third-Party Software)

Another method to control the keys on both keyboards simultaneously is to use a third-party application.

How To Use 2 Keyboards And Mice On One Computer?

We will show you how to control two cursors with two mice using third-party software while controlling two different keyboards simultaneously.

By installing a third-party software called MouseMux. You can use both keyboards for multiple purposes, such as cutting or pasting text or moving windows to the other side of the screen.

How does MouseMux work? It ensures that two or more keyboards are available for simultaneous control of two programs simultaneously. With this helpful tool, you can surely get rid of the nightmare of using one mouse to control two programs at once.


What Happens If You Plug-In 2 Keyboards?

As early as the late 1960s, computer enthusiasts knew that connecting two keyboards to one computer could be a huge advantage. This simple trait of making your computer keyboard full-featured with extra keyboard connectors has enabled science fiction to become a reality today.

Why Do Gamers Use Two Keyboards?

We are all gamers. While gaming, we use two keyboards – one for the game and another for the communication. And comparatively, playing with a single keyboard is less of trouble nowadays. The presence of smartphones these days has replaced keyboards entirely. However, some people still opt to play without a smartphone in their hand. To do so, they use two keyboards instead!


After reading this article and understanding all the four methods, we hope you got the answer to “how to use two keyboards separately.” If you have any questions, you can comment below. If you want to repair your broken keyboard, you can read a complete guide to convert it into a usable keyboard.

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