How To Press Delete On 60 Keyboard

60% of keyboards are essentially standalone mechanical copies of laptop keyboards that employ the same cunning workarounds. Like most people, you delete text from your computer keyboard using the alt key. However, if you use a 60% keyboard, the alt key might not always function as you would like on a 60% keyboard. This article demonstrates how to press the delete key on a keyboard with a 60% keyboard layout.

On a 60% keyboard, the alt key is situated on the left side of the keyboard. It frequently has an “L” shape. Therefore, you must press and hold the Alt key while pressing the Alt key on your keyboard to delete the text. It will activate the “alt-delete” function.

You might need to press the Alt key first, then the Delete key, on occasion. Most of the time, it occurs when you wish to delete several pieces of text simultaneously.

How Do you Press The Delete Key?: On a 60 keyboard

The delete key sometimes takes the place of the traditional backspace key on compact keyboards, just like on 60% of keyboards, and the backspace function is activated by holding down the Fn key while pressing the delete key.

Normally, characters to the right of the cursor are removed using the alt-delete key on a 60-key keyboard. The arrow keys are used to remove characters that are to the right of the cursor. The alt key on the 60% keyboard is on the left side of the keyboard. We can delete the text by pressing the delete key on the keyboard while holding down the alt key. It will turn on the alt-delete feature.

How do you press Ctrl, Alt, and Del on a small keyboard?

If your keyboard is small, it might be challenging to locate the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys. They are situated opposite the space bar on the right side of the keyboard, which explains why. Alt delete is activated by pressing the right arrow key; then, the “D” key activates Alt Delete.

There are three ways to press these keyboard keys  :

●    Use the shortcuts Ctrl, Alt, and Del.

Hold down  Ctrl and Alt keys while pressing and holding the Del key.

●    Apply the Fn key

Press and hold the Fn key while pressing the Del key simultaneously.

●    Apply the Windows key

Press and hold the Windows key while simultaneously pressing the Del key.

In place of Ctrl Alt Delete, what key should be pressed?

There isn’t a universal response to this query because it depends on your operating system and computer configuration. However, some common alternatives to pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, such as locking your screen with Windows key + L, putting your computer to sleep by pressing the power button, or using a keyboard shortcut designed just for your task manager.

Is there a delete key on 60% of keyboards?

Generally speaking, the layout of these keys varies depending on the manufacturer. The Delete key, for instance, is placed on Fn + Backspace in the Alloy Origin 60, which makes logical sense. Along with the Fn key, the arrow keys are also located on the Ctrl, Alt, and Content menu, roughly arranged in their usual shape.

Are all keys present on 60% keyboards?

Although a 60% keyboard is technically 59% of a full-size keyboard with 104 keys, there may be variations in the number of keys if it is a custom keyboard. For example, an ANSI-derived 60% keyboard will have 61 keys, while an ISO layout may have 61-63.

Ctrl Alt Delete: How Do You Do It With One Hand?

When using your left hand to delete something on a keyboard, you can use Ctrl Alt Delete with just one hand. To accomplish this, press the delete button while simultaneously holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys.

Ctrl Alt Delete without a keyboard: How do you do it?

You can use additional methods if you want to press Ctrl Alt Delete without using the standard keyboard shortcuts. Initially, locate the shortcut you want to use. Once you’ve identified the shortcut, press the key that corresponds to the shortcut while also pressing the key that activates the function you want to use. To use the Ctrl Alt Delete key, you would hold down Ctrl while pressing Alt + Delete.

On a 60 Keyboard, where is the Fn key located?

 Most people frequently use the alt key. For instance, pressing the alt key causes your keyboard to alternate between the US and UK keyboard layouts. But what happens if you repeatedly press the alt key by accident?

The computer begins to behave strangely. For instance, it could start to freeze, or your mouse could stop functioning. By altering your keyboard’s settings, you can resolve these issues in this case. But first, you need to know where the fn key is on a 60-key keyboard. The Fn key is typically found next to the Ctrl key in the bottom row of a keyboard.

On a 60 Keyboard, how do you press the keys F3 and G?

Here are the steps to take if you want to control the Delete key while using a keyboard that has an Alt key:

1. Start by locating the F3 key. On most keyboards, it is usually situated directly above the Enter key.

2. Next, discover the G key. Normally, it sits immediately below the F3 key.

3. Press both keys simultaneously, hold them down, and wait for your computer to recognize them as a keyboard shortcut. Release them both after that so you can continue using Delete as normal.

What is the delete keyboard shortcut?

Select the item you want to delete before deleting any content. Hold the Shift key on your keyboard while pressing the Delete key. You will be prompted to confirm your desire to delete the file or folder because you cannot undo this action.


Anyone who uses a computer daily should know how to use the Delete key on the keyboard. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to press alt+delete without inadvertently pressing other keys while doing so if you are using a 60% keyboard. After reading this article, you will be able to know how to control the alt+delete key on a 60-keyboard.

It is the purpose of the Delete button on a 60% keyboard. I sincerely hope you found this article useful. Please leave any questions about this article in the space provided below.

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