How to Make Keyboard Covers For Typing Class? – 4 Easy Steps

A keyboard is one of the most important input devices used in a PC or a laptop. Without a keyboard, a laptop or PC is like without legs. A keyboard is used to type all things and is used widely worldwide.

If you are in a typing class, dust can enter your keyboard and entirely stop it from working properly. So in this article, we will guide you on how to make keyboard covers for typing class.

It is crucial to protect all the things connected to your laptop or PC, including your keyboard. Dust can easily enter your keyboard, whether it is an external keyboard or a built-in laptop keyboard.

To protect your keyboard from dust particles, you can make a keyboard cover at a very affordable price, and it is very easy to make one. It will also protect the keyboard if it falls mistakenly on the ground.

>> How To Make Keyboard Covers For Typing Class?

What Are Keyboard Covers Made Of?

Before making a keyboard cover or buying one for your typing class, you should always know its material. Generally, keyboard covers are made of polyurethane, silicone, or plastic. If we compare all three materials, silicone is the most reliable and very protective material for keyboard covers.

Comparing all of the mentioned materials above, we suggest using silicone for making a keyboard cover as it prevents liquids from entering the cover and keeps your keyboard dry.

A keyboard cover is the best choice if you travel more and take your keyboard with you. A silicon keyboard cover also looks stylish, and if you are a girl, you will like a silicon keyboard cover very much. It will also protect your keyboard if someone spills drink or water mistakenly on your keyboard.

Guide To Make DIY Keyboard Covers

Making a keyboard cover in your home is very easy, and you can buy the material at a very reasonable price. Below are the steps to tell you how you can make an excellent-looking and protective, quality keyboard cover.

1- Measuring the dimensions

Before making anything, it is a must to measure the width and length of the material to be used. Just like that, before making the keyboard cover, you will have to measure the width and length of the keyboard. It will help you fit the cover exactly like the keyboard’s dimensions.

You can draw the measurements on an old cloth, or you can always buy a new silicon cloth from amazon or a local shop and then draw on that cloth.

2- Cutting the material

After measuring the dimensions and getting a silicon cloth, you will have to cut the cloth exactly as you took the measurements. If your accuracy of cutting is bad, you can take help from a family member of yours. The keyboard cover may look less good if the cutting is not done properly.

3- Placing of the material

When you have successfully cut the silicon cloth, the next step will be to put it on your keyboard and sew it properly. You can cut the cloth into two pieces and sew them with your hand. If you have a sewing machine, it will be better because the sewing process will be much easier and more accurate.

4- Optional Decoration

If you want to make your keyboard cover look much better than the normal cover, you can easily create a design on it using a marker and a pen. Doing so will make your keyboard more stylish and more appealing. You will enjoy seeing it in your typing class and concentrate more.

We have mentioned the four steps above. We hope that you now have the answer to how to make keyboard covers for typing class.

Does A Keyboard Cover Make Typing Quieter?

As you know, silence and quiet typing are significant in a typing class. Therefore, you can make your keyboard protective and get a quiet keyboard while typing using the keyboard.

If you use your keyboard in a quiet place and don’t like disturbing or clicking noise, you should know that a keyboard can make noise too. If you are sitting in an office or your typing class, keep in mind that your keyboard will disturb you by its noise, and the whole class will get disturbed.

However, if you use a cover on your keyboard, it can reduce the noise very efficiently, and you will be able not to make your teacher angry. In addition, if you are sleeping with someone and don’t want them to be disturbed by you, then the keyboard cover is the best option for you to reduce the clicky sound of the keyboard.

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to make a mechanical keyboard silent, read the article by clicking on the blue text.


Can We Use A Keyboard Cover On A Laptop Keyboard?

Yes, you can use a keyboard cover on a laptop keyboard. Creating a keyboard cover for your laptop will protect your keyboard from almost every kind of liquid such as water, oil, drinks, etc. You can also make your laptop keyboard attractive by creating a keyboard cover. You will also get a quieter and not-disturbing experience.

Will A Keyboard Cover Cause Overheating?

Using a keyboard will never cause overheating because a keyboard cover is just used on top of a keyboard. Heat generates inside the laptop, or a computer case and a keyboard have no link.

What Is The Benefit Of A Keyboard Cover If It Is Not In Use?

The benefit of a keyboard cover when it is not in use is that no dust or dirt particles will be able to go inside the keyboard. It will be protected if someone mistakenly spills a drink on your keyboard. Keeping in mind everything, you should make or buy a keyboard cover for your PC’s or laptop’s keyboard.

A keyboard cover is also beneficial because it reduces the cost of cleaning your keyboard, and whether you are using the keyboard or not, it looks attractive and stylish.


Using a keyboard cover will not only make your keyboard attractive but will also remove/reduce the clicky sound when the keys of the keyboard are pressed. You can also make it more appealing by searching on YouTube and watching a tutorial.

We hope you now have the answer to how to make keyboard covers for typing class.

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