How To Change Redragon Keyboard Light Settings In 2022?

If you’re looking to improve your computer keyboard and make it look more professional, you’ll want to configure the Redragon Keyboard Light settings. By changing the color, light intensity, and even the mode, you can create the perfect environment for working.

This article will show you how to change redragon keyboard light settings. So, stay tuned and read the whole article.

Redragon Keyboard Light Settings

A quick brief of Redragon features:

This Redragon keyboard is designed to look like the dragon of legend. It has a green backlight and red keycaps, and it has a built-in numeric keypad. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. The keyboard has a comfortable grip and is easy to use.

It also has media controls, so you can control music or videos without opening the app. Another great feature of this keyboard is that it has backlighting for nighttime typing. This makes it easy to see what you are typing in low-light conditions.

Change the Color of Redragon Keyboard Using Software

If you’re looking for ways to personalize your Redragon keyboard, you can easily do so with the help of the software that comes bundled with the keyboard. By changing the backlight color, you can create a unique look for your keyboard that will perfectly match your style.

You can also adjust the brightness and saturation of the backlight so that it’s perfect for any environment. With this easy-to-use software, you can get creative and add a touch of personality to your keyboard every time you use it.

Change the Color of Redragon Keyboard Without Software

Redragon Keyboard Light Settings allow you to change the color of RGB light on the keyboard using the FN and right arrow button. It is helpful if you want to personalize your keyboard or have a different color light for each task.

To change the light color, first, unplug the keyboard if connected, then press and hold the FN button and press the right arrow button until the light changes color. You can now release both buttons to keep the new color.

If you want to make the most of your Redragon keyboard’s RGB lighting, we suggest that you use the application to alter the colors.

In the above section, we have covered how to do that and some other tips and tricks that will make using your Redragon keyboard even more enjoyable.

Change the Color of Individual Keys on Redragon Keyboard With Software

There is no specific way to change the color of individual keys on a keyboard. You can use software or an external device to change the color of each key.

To change the color of individual keys using software, you can use a keyboard customization program like Keyboard Ninja or The Keyboard Coaster. These programs allow you to change each key’s color, shape, and text size on your keyboard.

Steps To Change The Color Of Individual Keyboard Keys

1. Open Redragon Keyboard software and click on “Settings” in the left menu.

2. In the Settings dialog, select “Keyboard Layout” from the list on the left side of the window.

3. Under “Color Scheme,” you can change each key’s color by selecting it and clicking on the small button next to its name in the lower part of the window.

4. Click “Save” to finalize your changes.

Another way to change the color of individual keys is to use an external device like an RGB LED controller. This device allows you to individually control the colors of up to eight LEDs on your keyboard.

Change the Color of Individual Keys on Redragon Keyboard Without Software

Follow the steps below to modify the color of Redragon keyboard keys.

1. Hit the Fn and tilde (~) keys two times consecutively to open up the function key mode.

2. Use the Arrow Keys (→) to select a color from among the eight available options and press enter on your keyboard.

3. Tap on a key that you want to change its color, then hit Fn and tilde (~) together once again to exit out of function key mode.

4. Finally, hit Fn and tilde (~) again to save your changes.

Use The Light Configurations On Redragon Keyboard Software

Redragon Keyboard Software’s Light Configurations is a feature that allows users to customize the lighting on their keyboard. You can select different colors and patterns for each key or create custom light scripts.

Open Redragon Keyboard Software and select the “Keyboard” tab to access the Light Configurations feature. Then, click on the “Light Configurations” button to enter the interface.

This interface lets users select different colors and patterns for each key. They can also create custom light scripts that will activate when specific keys are pressed or clicked.


After reading this blog, you will know how to change redragon keyboard light settings with and without the help of software. You will also understand that this process is relatively easy and does not require special skills or technical expertise.

Have you modified the color of your keyboard yet? Let us know in the comments below!


What are the different lighting settings on a Redragon Keyboard?

There are four different lighting settings on a Redragon keyboard. The first two are called “Normal,” and the last two are called “Brightness Up.” The Normal setting is the default, and it is just a light gray color. The Brightness Upsetting is a bit brighter and has a green color.

The second two settings are called “Cool” and “Warm.” The Cool setting is lighter than the Normal setting, but it has a blue color. The Warm setting is darker than the Normal setting, but it has an orange color.

Does it matter if I choose the default or custom setting for my keyboard?

One of the most common questions we receive at Dispatch is whether or not it matters which keyboard setting a user chooses. The answer, unfortunately, is that it doesn’t matter as long as the user is happy with the default setting.

However, if a user feels that the default setting does not suit their needs, they can switch to a custom setting. We recommend that users choose a custom setting if they have specific requirements that the default setting cannot meet.

For example, if a user prefers to have the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard, then they should choose a custom setting that accommodates their needs.

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