Corsair K68 vs K70 | Which Is Perfect For You?

When we talk about keyboards, who doesn’t know about Corsair K68 and K70, these two keyboards are not new to those people who love keyboards. Hence, we decided to review two of the most popular keyboards for you!

You will find everything related to Corsair K68 and K70, from connectivity to the material to speed and lots more!

So, keep reading to find out everything about these two keyboards!

Corsair K68 vs K70: A Detailed Comparison


So, when we talk about connectivity of these two keyboards Corsair K68 possesses connectivity technology of USB 2.0 Type-A Port. On the other hand, the Corsair K-70 has a connectivity technology of USB 2.0. Plus, there is no limitation of having any specific port type on your PC with Corsair K70 making it a good option for better connectivity between the two.


The material of both these keyboards is quite different, whereas Corsair K-70has a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and CHERRY MX Speed key switches. Corsair K68, on the other hand, holds an IP32 protective layer defending it against dust and other accidents. Moreover, Corsair K68 also containsGerman made Cherry MX key switches, which is a similarity to Corsair K-70. Corsair K-68 has a long-lasting RGB, whereas Corsair K-70contains RGB Model MK.2.


Corsair K-70 possesses Cherry MX Speed feature, which has been prepared for extremely fast operations with an accusation speed of 1.2mm. There is also an option to buy the Special Edition Speed, an upgraded version of the “Corsair K-70” for customers looking for a better speed experience. Corsair K68 also contains German-made Cherry MX key switches.


Let’s look at the size of both keyboards. White corsair K-68has a length of 17.9 inches, a width of 6.7 inches, and a height of 1.6 inches. On the other hand, Corsair K-70 has a length of 17.24 inches, a width of 6.53, and a height of 1.53 inches. There is not much of a difference in the sizes of these two keyboards, but both are different in their own way!


The warranty of the two products are as follows:

  • Corsair K-70 has a warranty period of 2 years.
  • Corsair K-68 also has a warranty period of 2 years.


Corsair K-68 holds an IP32 protective layer defending it against dust and other accidents. To manually clean the keyboard, users need to remove thirteen Phillips head screws that hold the ABS plastic top panel and the rest of the keyboard together. After that, use a thin, flat object to pry out the top panel locked in place via multiple plastic inserts around the edges.

At this point, users can either remove every keycap to access the white rubber mold and remove them or, having disassembled the older K68 already, only remove specific keycaps to access the seven screws that keep the PCB/plate piece attached to the bottom plastic panel. 

There are, in fact, two molds here, a large one for the main keyboard and a second smaller mold for the media keys. Both have a raised edge on all sides to collect any spilled fluids or dust, and the keycaps help guide anything spilled away from the switch housing and LEDs. 

Corsair K-70 is relatively easier to clean as compared to K-68. All you need to do is to remove the wrist rest and clean it separately from the keyboard. First, use a soft, dry cloth to remove dirt from the wrist rest surface, and then use a damp cloth to clean it. After removing, gently wipe with a dry cloth to finish the job. After this, keep the keyboard upside down and remove the keys one by one with a keycap remover or screwdriver. Then, put the keys back as you removed them.

Corsair K-68 Pros & Cons


  • Contains German-made Cherry MX key switches allowing users to always enjoy the effortless and upright response from the keyboard. This will also contribute to a smooth gaming experience for users, increasing product satisfaction.
  • It contains a long-lasting RGB contributing to the unique experience it gives users from the aspect of providing them with an interesting environment or theme to operate the keyboard.
  • Corsair K68 also contains German-made Cherry MX key switches, which enables users to get a quick response from their desired actions while using the keyboard.
  • It comes with a warranty card of a period of 2 years, which should be a huge reason for users to feel satisfied as they can be sure about the product’s quality and performance as well as the manufacturer’s confidence in their final product.
  • This keyboard is much cheaper compared to the alternate options with a price of $119.99 (without shipping charges). 
  • Corsair K68” contains IP32, which is a protective layer on the keyboard, allowing users to keep their keyboards free from dust and other minor accidents as this layer will help minimize the effects of such issues on the keyboards. The life of the keyboard will naturally extend because of this.
  • First-hand users have given reviews about this keyboard and report that it has a solid feel when used, giving an enjoyable experience to users.
  • This keyboard comes with a Corsair Utility Engine which helps users to get the best results as far as experience and vast options in lighting are concerned.
  • This keyboard comes with a palm rest which means that it will not take much desk space while allowing users more comfort while in-game.
  • Due to its aluminum top, small size, and slim profile, users can easily carry it anywhere. 


  • Corsair K68” has a limitation as far as its connectivity technology is concerned, which is that it can only connect to a PC with a Type-A USB port.
  • This keyboard is likely to be clicky due to the specific type to which it belongs. This is generally not really appreciated by gamers as it creates a disturbance for them.
  • This keyboard does not have the feature of having swappable switches – which may be a disadvantage for users who may want to alter the switches as per their comfort choice.
  • It does not contain a volume dial, which means that users will not be able to alter the volume of games through it.

CORSAIR K-70 Pros & Cons


  • This keyboard bears the advantage that it can connect to any PC without any limitation of having a PC of a specific Port type allowing users to have the luxury of using it on different types of PC consoles.
  • The keyboard has a special feature that it is lightweight. Thus, users can carry it from one place to another hassle-free and as per their requirements.
  • With an accusation speed of 1.2mm, “Corsair K-70” provides users with an extremely quick response to user actions so that the users can enjoy an instant and un-disturbed experience while in-game.
  • White PBT double shot key switches are fitted on the keys, which provides it protection from dirt or any other accident performed by users while playing.


  • This keyboard is quite expensive, with a price tag of $135.99 (without shipping charges), which may not sound appealing to customers as they can enjoy similar services with other keyboards, which are much cheaper than this one.
  • This keyboard requires a 3.0 USB port to power, which may be an expensive option for users.
  • Furthermore, if connected with a 3.0 USB port, the passthrough connection on the keyboard would not function.
  • This keyboard takes up a lot of desk space as it comes with a wrist rest. This may not sound appealing to some gamers who like to have an open space on their desks to operate efficiently and to the best of their abilities.
  • Another problem with this keyboard is that “hyper-polling” takes place with it. However, it is difficult to detect when that happens, which means that users may find irregularities while playing.


Although both Corsair K-68as well as CORSAIR K-70have their own advantages and disadvantages, personally I would prefer to buy the former.

The basic reason I am making this choice is due to the much lower price tag it comes with, compared to corsair K-70. One may argue that K-70 has enough leads on K-68 to justify its higher price tag. However, my opinion is different. I believe that when comparing the additional features on offer for Corsair K-70and, the higher price compared to K-68 is lower; thus, the price difference is not justified.  

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