Can You Use A Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse At The Same Time? | 2023

While Bluetooth mice and keyboards are getting more and more popular in the gaming market, most people on the list wonder whether they can use these Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

They wonder about this because they think their laptop can connect only one Bluetooth device at a time, so it is likely that this question came into your mind “can you use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time?”

>> Can You Use A Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse At The Same Time?

The simple answer to this question is, “yes.” You can use any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your laptop or PC simultaneously. Don’t worry because you can always pair the Bluetooth devices for them to work correctly without creating any issues.

If you are a gamer, we suggest you not use two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Doing so will slow down your computer, and you won’t get the required output. In easy words, you won’t be able to maneuver fast.

To cover this up, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless mouse or vice versa with your laptop or PC. When you buy a wireless mouse or keyboard, a USB dongle will be present inside its packaging. To connect the wireless device, you should plug the USB dongle into the PC’s USB port.

Once it is plugged in, turn on the device, and it will be ready to work. So, we recommend not using multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time to speed up your work.

Note: If you still connect multiple devices with your laptop or PC, make sure your PC is fast and does not miss and mouse click or keypress. If it creates any problem, you can either download antivirus software, update the Bluetooth driver, or buy a wireless device.

How To Update A Bluetooth Driver?

If you think that your Bluetooth is not working correctly, it might be a problem with its driver.

1- Search “This PC” through the search bar on the taskbar

2- Right-click on it and click on “Manage.”

3- After the management software is opened, go to the “Device Manager” tab

4- Click on “Bluetooth” and right-click on the Bluetooth device

5- Click on “Update Driver” and do the process as it says.

If it says that it already has the latest driver installed, then you cannot do anything except change the Bluetooth device inside your PC. You can also buy a Bluetooth device to enable Bluetooth if it is not built-in.

Another thing you can do is try connecting a different Bluetooth device. If the problem persists, try contacting the company of the Bluetooth device. You can also try deleting the driver and then restart your PC.

If the problem still does not go, use antivirus software and check for viruses. Because many PCs out there are infected with viruses which cause them to malfunction and not work properly.

Best way to connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard at the same time?

As we know that the latest version is Bluetooth 5.2, and a computer can connect up to 7 devices at a time. All the latest mice, keyboards, smartphones, and other devices with Bluetooth capability are coming with version 5.0 to increase the performance.

Because of the individual functional profiles of your mouse and keyboard, there is no way they will create errors while connected to the laptop or PC. The PC will identify the devices, and you won’t have any problem while gaming or typing.

Note: If one or more Bluetooth devices have the same functional profile, your PC will have difficulty identifying those devices. But, you can always do some settings to correct that.

How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Devices To A Computer At The Same Time?

Nowadays, almost all the keyboards and mice in the market have Bluetooth technology. To connect these devices to a PC, you need to turn on the device by finding the ON/OFF button below the keyboard or mouse.

The same applies to other Bluetooth devices like speakers, gaming controllers, etc. However, if you have a device that doesn’t have an ON/OFF button, you should refer to the manual that came with it. If you do not have the manual with you, you can search for the device and download the instructions from the internet.

After turning on the device, just follow the steps below to connect it to your computer.

1- Find the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar.

2- If you cannot see it there, type “Bluetooth” using the search bar and open it.

3- Click on “Add Bluetooth devices” and find the device you want to connect to.

4- After selecting the device, it will take around 10 seconds to pair.

5- After the pairing has been completed, it will be connected!

After applying the following steps, you should be able to connect your device with the PC easily.


In easy words, you can connect a keyboard and mouse with your PC simultaneously. You can have some problems like performance drop, but we have given you the solution above. If you want to use a headphone or a speaker with the keyboard and mouse, you can because there is space for 7 devices to be connected.

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