Top 7 Best Keyboard for Long Nails – Expert Review 2022

Around 50% of the women around the world have long nails as a fashion. But that fashion causes them a lot of trouble too. If you have long nails too, then you will have difficulty doing some daily activities.

Apart from the daily activities, if you are a laptop or PC user, and you type daily on your keyboard, you must have problems like breaking your nails, or slipping them from the keyboard. If you are having problems typing, the typing can also become slow resulting in a waste of time.

Top 7 Best Keyboard For Long Nails

You must be reading this article because you are looking for the best keyboard for long nails. In this article, we are going to list the top 6 keyboards for long nails which will help you in typing much better and you will be in a comfortable position.

A keyboard that is perfect for long nails will help you provide more comfort and will prevent your nails from breaking. So below are the top 6 best keyboards for long nails.

1. Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Keyboard For Long Nails

Logitech Ergo K860 is one of the best keyboards for long nails that provides a very smooth experience and has a very advanced design. Inside this amazing mechanical gaming keyboard, you will be able to see keys split into different columns. It helps to reduce the pain in your wrist muscles because of the different columns.

Robust Wireless Connectivity

To connect this keyboard, all you have to do is just plug in the USB receiver into your laptop or PC that comes with this keyboard, it will be connected immediately and you will be ready to go. You can also connect the Logitech keyboard with your android phone as well using an OTG cable.

If you take this keyboard 10 meters away from the laptop or PC that it is connected to, it will still work and that is an amazing range. The keys of this keyboard are quiet and you get to see full size keyboards with NumPad as well.

Excellent Keys Design

This keyboard is also very famous around the world because of its perfect stroke keys. The keys are designed in a way that helps you type comfortably and professionally. It is specially manufactured for comfortable and advanced typing.

Better Typing Speed & Experience With Wrist Rest Pad

This keyboard comes with an additional Wrist Rest Pad. The pad is amazing when it comes to relaxation, it is very soft and provides amazing comfort while typing. If you are resting your wrist on the pad, you will be able to type more naturally and productively.

Palm Lift – Adjustable

If you are seated or standing, you don’t have to worry about this keyboard, as it will keep your wrist in a comfortable and natural posture. You can easily adjust this keyboard according to your needs and type on it, even having long nails without any issue.

This amazing keyboard will keep your wrist and mind relaxed, no matter you are standing or sitting. There is an option to adjust the keyboard according to your comfort and by doing so, you will be able to type professionally on it without having any issues with nails.

So, the Logitech Ergo K860 is an amazing keyboard that will satisfy you in the long run and help you reduce any stress while typing with long nails.

  • Provides robust ergonomic design
  • Comes with numpad as well
  • Additional wrist rest pad
  • Long range wireless conectivity
  • Perfect stroke keys
  • A little expensive

2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard For Long Nails

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is the best keyboard under 100 USD. It has improved typing productivity of many people in the world. It is manufactured specially to provide comfort and is built using the ergonomic technique.

It has 5000+ ratings on amazon because it is the best keyboard for long nails under 100 US dollars. You can increase your typing ability and speed using this keyboard, however, this keyboard is not suitable for professional gaming.

Additional Wrist Rest Pad

This amazing Microsoft keyboard is manufactured with an additional palm or wrist rest pad which will help you to reduce the tiredness in your hands while you are typing. The rest pad has a very comfortable cushioned type material that proves to be one of the best rest pads of keyboards in the market.

It will help you in not just reducing the tiredness but also you will be more productive thanks to the soft rest pad.

Keys Split In Columns

As far as the design of this keyboard is concerned, it has a very stylish and advanced level design that you will not be able to find many like this keyboard in the market. The keys of this robust keyboard are split into 3 columns.

Having these 3 columns allows you to type in your natural position without having any type issues. It has a domed design that offers angles that are adjustable.

Bonus NUM Pad

This keyboard is mainly used in offices and people buy it because it proves to be one of the best keyboards in the market for people who have long nails. A separate NUM pad also comes with it which makes it very easy to make calculations or do maths work.

Curved Layout

The layout of this keyboard is very stylish and attractive. It has a curved shape like an arc which prevents your long nails from breaking and it provides a luxurious feel and look while typing.

Therefore, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is a great keyboard for normal users as well as users who have long nails. You can type easily without tiring yourself in a natural position.

  • Split key design
  • Soft wrist rest pad
  • Curved layout
  • High quality keys
  • Built using ergonomic technique
  • Not the keyboard for professional gaming

3. Macally 2.4G Mini – Easy To Carry Keyboard

The Macally 2.4G Mini is a silent keyboard for long nails and is built for people who need a portable and small-sized keyboard that provides performance just like the bigger keyboards in the market.

It offers a great design that looks very professional and if you use this keyboard in your daily life, your productivity will be improved a lot.

Excellent Battery Timing

The battery that is built into this keyboard provides a durable battery life. Inside this portable keyboard, you can type on this keyboard without worrying about the battery because a very high-quality battery with excellent battery timing is present in it.

Slim And Smart Design

The Macally 2.4G Mini has a very smart and slim design which makes it more appealing while typing. It is a very lightweight keyboard that is easy to carry and can be easily fitted in your laptop or a normal bag without any issue. It is the best keyboard for long nails in the small keyboards category.

Great Connectivity Technology

If you want to connect it to your laptop or PC, you just need to plug the keyboard’s dongle that comes with it into the USB port. You don’t have to install any software for the drivers, it will be automatically connected to your laptop or PC in less than 10 seconds for the first time.

After you have used it for the first time, when you plug in the USB dongle for the second time and later, you can use the keyboard within 2 seconds easily.

Built Using Ergonomic Technique

The ergonomic technique is used to reduce pain issues in anything you are doing. This keyboard is also built using this technique and provides a comfortable design that will help you type naturally without tiring your hands.

Overall, if you are looking for a portable and small-sized keyboard that will give a comfortable typing experience and work with long nails as well, we highly recommend the Macally 2.4G Mini for you.

  • Slim and smart design
  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Robust wireless connectivity
  • A little weak build materials

4. Logitech MX – Robust Keyboard

Logitech MX is a very professional and one of the best keyboards for long nails under 150 USD that provides a robust experience in performance, stability, and quality. It is very well known for its keys design as the noise of the keys is very low compared to other keyboards in this review. This keyboard is also a wireless keyboard which makes it more attractive.

High-Quality Experience And Performance

Inside this amazing responsive Logitech keyboard, you can see the stability of the keys, which reduces the noise of the keys as they become easy to press. This keyboard is the best keyboard for long nails that provides the best high-end performance in this category.

Robust Wireless Connectivity

This keyboard is a portable and very lightweight keyboard that can be connected to your laptop or PC using just a USB dongle wirelessly. You just have to plug in the USB dongle that comes with it in the laptop or PC and it will be ready to use.

It is manufactured with the perfect stroke keys for long nails that will be very suitable for your fingertip’s shape and you won’t have to worry about breaking your long nails.

Enough Space Between Keys

When coming to the keys of this keyboard, they have enough space between them which enables you to work more productively and naturally. You will be relaxed and do your work without having any issue with your hand touching the other hand.

Compatible With Almost Every Device

One of the best features of this stylish keyboard is that you can connect it to almost every device. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and all Android devices (that support OTG).

To charge this keyboard, you get to see a USB-C-type charging cable that works perfectly. The battery lasts for up to 5 months if the backlight is off.

Premium Quality Product

The main thing that you will notice about this keyboard is its amazing design and premium build quality. Very high-quality materials are used to build this keyboard as it is the keyboard of Logitech company.

Therefore, if you are looking for a keyboard for long nails or anything else, the Logitech MX might be the keyboard for you as it offers great performance and comfort while typing.

  • Slim and ergonomic design
  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with almost all OSs
  • Robust backlighting
  • Not much attractive

5. iClever BK05 Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever BK05 Bluetooth Keyboard
Find price on Amazon

iClever BK05 is a popular keyboard in the United States. The main reason for its popularity is the design and performance of this keyboard. You can increase your productivity by changing the layout of it.

Superb Backlight Technology

Another additional superb feature of this keyboard is that it has a built-in backlight technology. The backlight is not a single color light but a multicolor light. It offers red, green, and blue backlight with 2 different brightness options.

It can help in typing if you are sitting in a dark place. It works best if you sitting in your bed or you are in an airplane and every other place you can think of.

High-Quality Ergonomic And Folding Design

This keyboard is built with robust quality materials that include Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy texture that looks amazing visually as well as protects the keyboard very well.

It is built using the ergonomic technique that makes your body relax even when doing much work. You can also try the additional tri-folding design by which you can fold your keyboard and make it smaller for traveling or to fit it in a small bag.

Wide Compatibility

You can use this keyboard in wireless feature to easily connect this keyboard with android, windows, and IOS. This keyboard especially has a built-in Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chip, and its range is 33ft.

This keyboard is supported by almost all devices. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. It comes with a USB dongle that supports Bluetooth 5.1 and you can use this keyboard at a maximum range of 33ft which is great.

Wired/Wireless Modes

It comes with the best feature for you as you can easily use this keyboard in wireless mode and wired mode. You can easily connect it with your PC or laptop using the wireless feature and type it without any hassle, even with long nails.

It is the best feature we have reviewed in a keyboard so far. This keyboard can easily be connected using a wireless USB dongle if you have charged your keyboard’s battery.

If the battery is low or you want the feel of a wired keyboard, you can connect it using the wired mode easily without having any type of issue.

Finally, iClever BK05 Bluetooth is the perfect portable keyboard for you if you have long nails, and by using this keyboard, you can make your trip more enjoyable and fun-packed.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable battery
  • Amazing backlight
  • Multiple control keys
  • Not compatible with Macs

6. Logitech MK570 Wireless Wave Keyboard

The last keyboard we are going to review in this article is the Logitech MK570 wireless wave keyboard which has a very rare design. It comes with an additional mouse as well.

Unique Design

This amazing wavy keyboard has a very unique design that just looks like waves in an ocean. It can be the best keyboard for people who have long nails because the keys have enough space in them.

This also can help to type in a natural position and be more productive while doing your office work or anything else.

Large Cushioned Palm Rest

Another great feature of this robust keyboard is that it has a built-in cushioned palm rest that makes your palm from getting tired and makes it more comfortable if you are thinking to get rest after typing.

Its material is just like a soft cushion and it is not a normal palm rest but a very comfortable one with a much bigger size.

Media Control And Many Other Keys

The best feature of this keyboard is that it has 18 programmable keys which include media control. You can access the calculator, music, email, and many other things by using the keys on the top of this keyboard.

This feature is not available in any of the keyboards we have reviewed so far except for this Logitech keyboard. This makes it even more unique.

Additional M705 Wireless Mouse

Another great thing about this keyboard is that it comes with the M705 wireless mouse. Both this keyboard and this mouse have a very good performance and they look very advanced.

The mouse has soft rubber grips and it has an advanced scroll wheel that can be used for hyper-fast or click-to-click scrolling which makes it even better.

So, if you are looking for a keyboard that will not break your long nails and offer great performance and design, you can go for the Logitech MK70 keyboard.

  • Unique wave design
  • Additional wireless mouse
  • Media control and much other control keys
  • Large cushioned palm rest
  • Can take a bit time to get used to this keyboard

7. Arteck HB192 Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Are you tired of carrying a wireless keyboard with you everywhere you go? The Arteck HB192 is the perfect solution to your troubles. You can pair it with almost all the major operating systems.

Durable Battery Used

With the Arteck HB192 Bluetooth Keyboard, all you need is a USB port, and you’re good to go! The rechargeable lithium battery this keyboard has provides a high capacity that lasts 6 months so that you can work uninterrupted for long periods.

Plus, the 6-month battery life means you won’t have to worry about running out of power at the worst possible moment.

Wide Range Of Compatibility

Are you tired of constantly switching between your phone, computer and tablet? Well, Arteck’s HB192 Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is here to help! This keyboard can connect to 3 devices simultaneously, giving you the option to use the keyboard with any device you want.

Robust Build Quality

The ergonomic design and heavy-duty stainless steel material make this keyboard a durable choice for anyone who wants a lasting keyboard. With all the shortcuts and comfortable typing, this keyboard will make your life easier.

So why wait? Keep working in comfort with the Arteck HB192 Bluetooth Keyboard!

  • Compatible with every OS
  • Durable battery life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Much affordable
  • You may find delay in key presses

If you are looking for the proper position for the keyboard and mouse for gaming, then read this article now. It will help you get more victories in games.


How do you type on a keyboard with long nails?

If you have long nails and find it difficult to type on a keyboard, you can use a few tricks to make typing on a keyboard much easier. First, make sure you have a comfortable keyboard and mouse.

Try sitting in a comfortable position with your palms resting flat on the desk, and shift your body weight to your feet so that your nails rest on the keys.

Second, press the keys in short bursts rather than pressing them down for long periods. Finally, try using keyboard shortcuts.

How can I find a good keyboard for long nails?

A keyboard for long nails can be a little tricky to find. However, you can find the perfect one for your needs with some research. Firstly, make sure that the keyboard is ergonomically designed to fit your hands. Next, check out the size and layout of the keys.

Ensure that they are big enough to avoid fatigue and are in the right place to avoid unnecessary presses.

Finally, look for a keyboard with unique features designed specifically for long nails. These may include a soft cushion or grips to help you keep your nails in place.


After reading this article, we hope that you found the answer to the “best keyboard for long nails“. By reading about all the products we have mentioned, you will be able to pick the best one for you. Just choose the perfect keyboard by seeing the design, battery, and overall performance. See you in the next article!

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